My india trip is coming up pretty soon, end of jan’11. Have to plan so many things as i’m taking my parents for a week long trip to see different temples in south india. Booked all train/flight tickets. Most of the hotels also booked. Man, it’s way expensive for the hotels in india. You don’t get any deals. After living quite a few number of years in US, it’s pretty hard to imagine for not getting deals. I feel there is less supply of good hotels, that could be the reason for these exorbitant prices.

One other main reason, i have to visit india is my cousin is getting married. this could be the best chance to see all relatives at one place. So far in all marriages in my family, including my marriage, i didn’t get to see marriage in a relaxed way as i had to take care many things in those marriages. No complaints. That’s what you do for your dear people. :-).

Best of all i can practice my photography skills both during trip with my parents and my cousin’s wedding. I just upgraded myself from point&shoot camera to DSLR. I just spent lot of time and money in purchasing/learning camera gear in hoping (?) to learn serious photography. I need to write a separate blog entry for my new camera gear.

Trip details and Camera gear later…bye for now.